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One More Try at a Year-End Post

January 8, 2011

I stole this from Matt because, try as I might, even prompted by Booking Through Thursday, I can not, absolutely not get my act together in terms of summing up 2010.

The first book you read in 2010:

The last book you finished in 2010:

The first book you will finish (or did finish!) in 2011:

Your favorite “classic” you read in 2010:

The book series you read the most volumes of in 2010:

Ok, you caught me. This isn’t really a series, per se. It’s more like Tana French’s collection in which various characters are found in ongoing stories that may or may not have anything to do with the plots and locations of the other books. Of course, in Barry’s books, like French’s stories, no one can read just one. At least I can’t.


The genre you read the most in 2010:
Literary Fiction, for sure, as always but I will say that I am proud of myself for acquiring a little bit of girl power. Brunonia Barry, Tana French, Sarah Dunant, Virginia Woolf, A. S. Byatt, Deirdre Madden, a whole bucket full of new and rising women; I mean, what’s not to love? I used to avoid women writers for a reason I honestly don’t remember. All I can say is that I’ve ditched the phobia and am clearly on a huge winning streak.

The book that disappointed you:

If you know me, you know why.

The book you liked better than you expected to:

The hardest book you read in 2010 (topic or writing style):

Obviously, these aren’t “difficult” like reading Ulysses or Gravity’s Rainbow are “difficult” but the subjects and plots for me were a bit hard and often weepy.

The saddest book you read in 2010:

The shortest book you read in 2010:

The longest book you read in 2010:

A book that you discovered in 2010 that you will definitely read again:

A book that you never want to read again:

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  1. January 10, 2011 2:35 pm

    Love Tana French!

    I will definitely want to reread How to Buy a Love of Reading at some point. I really enjoyed it!

    • January 10, 2011 5:16 pm

      I am LOVING Tana French, right now! I’ll admit that I’m filling my back days (didn’t really post, this weekend) with posts, this morning (now afternoon) because I’m stalling on writing my review of The Likeness. It’s just so good and so intricate that I feel like I’m not going to do it justice by writing about it. I think I need to take up Vlogging and just ramble about this one. :O) I can’t wait to get to Faithful Place!

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