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  1. Kelly "KiKi" Rogers-Armstrong permalink
    October 12, 2009 2:31 am

    This afternoon I had a similar experience of one of your bloggers. I happened upon a story in the newspaper about Peter Yarrow, and that he would be in a bookstore, performing for free, and also signing copies of Puff the Magic Dragon (I bought 3-one for me!), and Day is Done. It was a wonderful concert, and I too got misty eyed when he sang Puff the Magic Dragon. My 8 year old wasn’t familiar with it, but it’s now her favorite song. She loved the concert, and when he signed our books, he posed with her for a couple photos. He was so gracious, and so kind-I can’t wait to get the pics developed (35MM). I was so impressed with his kind personality, and was in total awe of being in his presence and having him sign all the books I bought, including the names of the recipients. I’ve been a fan of Peter, Paul and Mary since the mid-sixties, when I was young, and will always be a huge fan. My mom used to play one of their albums-the Best of from 1970, everyday. I never got tired of it. I’m just so happy I was able to attend his concert, and will cherish our books forever. I’m also so touched that my 2 kids can’t stop playing Puff the Magic Dragon-my 8 year old and I discussed the meaning on the 30 min ride home. She also has a great imagination, and it really had her pondering all the way home. Thank you, Peter Yarrow. And our thoughts and prayers go out to you in dealing with the death of Mary.

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