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Bloggiesta Listiesta!

January 7, 2011

I know that the big event is not this weekend. It is, however, right around the corner and, knowing my weeks, it will sneak right up on my perpetual lack of preparation. I’ll probably end up revising this a few times before I actually hit the ground working but I think it’s only safe to assume I should have a pre-party draft in working order.

What I need to do, mainly, is make sure that the blog reflects my current reading and writing. I can’t believe that this summer will mark the end of my blog’s second year. Compared to how long I’ve been reading books and, let’s face it, offering my opinion on said reading, two years hardly seems like a drop in the pail.

It does, though, seem like a long time in terms of the evolution of my reading and blogging life. When I first started blogging, I was mostly doing it to clear my head after reading a particularly good (or, heaven forbid, a bad) book. I would say that it is, obviously, far and away still centered in the focus on books and my thoughts regarding my reading but I think that the added bonus of my connection to the blogging community is, if not a deeper or stronger pull, something, most assuredly equal.

With that in mind, I think that most of my goals for the duration of this upcoming Bloggiesta will fall within the social category. Here is a tentative list. There aren’t many bulleted but the goals, I have are thick. This is part of the point of prepping early. Hopefully I’ll be able to break these down into more clear-cut, doable task list items.

This weekend, I need to…

  • …tweak a few things in my About Me page, especially the two-year old picture. Yikes! Along the same lines, I need to look over my review policy and any other verbiage I’ve been neglecting.  My Gravatar falls into the personal storefront portion and I desperately need to update it. It’s currently cute but definitely not current!
  • …for the love of God, clean out and organize my feed reader. I realized, the other day, that I have about fifteen or twenty bloggers with whom I tend to connect well with. I know, I just raved about the whole community, and I really do love everyone, but I feel like, in order to really spend time thoughtfully reading and commenting, I need to shave my reading list down a smidge or no one will be getting attention. Sad, I know!
    Any who, now you know why I must do what I must do. Hard as it will be, I do have to go about picking those few who will stay. I guess, truly, based in my reasoning for doing the cleansing in the first place, it won’t be too hard, once I get rolling. For the most part, I have my list in order, already. These are the people I find I can’t really live, or, ok, at least blog, without. My issue comes with sometimes being unable to get to these important folks because I have so many other blogs in my reader. Ah, wish me luck!
  • …overcome my fear of comment clutter. I am terrible about responding to comments left on my blog. For a while, I thought people didn’t really care about such things (which, in writing, just seems silly) but now I’m learning that most of the fun in sharing with other bloggers is in the commenting back and forth. It seems a little bit overwhelming but if my Grammy Pat can manage to navigate Facebook, I think I can hold myself to keeping up with comments.
  • …brainstorm blogging topics. I have a lot of things that I would love to talk about and throw out to other readers, parents, teachers, bloggers and human beings but I can never seem to remember them by the time I sit down with five minutes to free write. I definitely need to create an ongoing file, for myself, that has a list of topics that I would like to discuss in greater detail.

That seems to be “all” for now. Sheesh, I wasn’t lying when I said that I only had  a few but they were a heavy few. I’m sure this will be changed over the next few weeks but, really, I do hope it looks something like this when the GO bell sounds.

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  1. January 7, 2011 10:45 am

    I have to do Feeder weeding too during Bloggiesta. It will be very hard though!!!

  2. January 10, 2011 1:37 pm

    I need a bloggiesta! Glad one is on the way.

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