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The Hound of Justice ~ Claire O’Dell Harper

July 30, 2019

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Genre: SF/Political Thriller

Publisher: Harper Voyager

ISBN: 9780062699336

352 pages

Source: TLC Book Tours

Continuing their epic work in O’Dell’s first book of this series, Dr. Janet Watson and covert agent Sara Holmes make Hound of Justice an epic thriller of a story.

They roll along, gathering new allies in the New American Civil War, and of course, the aide of shiny new tech tools.

This is such a spectacular spin on the old Sherlock stories and a nod to American history while weaving all of those elements into modern day Washington D.C.

Dr. Watson is weighing career choices while undergoing a bionic medical procedure while the spunky Sarah Holmes is doing her best to be just as much of a trouble making sparkplug as her historic name sake.

Sarah mysteriously goes missing, causing mayhem and an ensuing woman hunt through the city, making for one heck of a wild ride.

I love, love, love any and all renditions of old Holmes stories and this was no exception.

Thank you so much to TLC Book Tours for adding me on this route.

Purchase Links

HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Photo by Rob Bernobich

About Claire O’Dell

Claire O’Dell grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., in the years of the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal. She attended high school just a few miles from the house where Mary Surratt once lived and where John Wilkes Booth planned for Lincoln to die. All this might explain why she spent so much time in the history and political science departments at college. Claire currently lives in Manchester, Connecticut, with her family and two idiosyncratic cats.

Find out more about Claire at her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Sara Strand permalink
    July 30, 2019 8:55 pm

    This sounds like a fun read, thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

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