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Hunting Prince Dracula ~ Kerri Maniscalco

December 22, 2018

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Genre: Young Adult/Historical Fiction

Publisher: jimmy patterson

ISBN: 9780316551663

448 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

Hunting Prince Dracula was ten times better than the first book. Romantic Romanian castles and hillsides, gothic horror legends, and even a momentary tribute to Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. The story had every bit of adventure and snark as the first but a lot more depth. And dare I say a lot more creepiness.

And that’s all I can say without spoilers.

So, if you haven’t read Stalking Jack the Ripper, I’ll give you a second to get your cute little behind out of here.

Ok, now I’m going to speak freely. You’ve been warned.

Alright, obviously the hot scoundrel nuisance that is Thomas Cresswell was not Jack the Ripper and both he and his fearless leader, Audrey Rose, make it to their next destination in one piece. AR’s uncle has managed to secure them both a position with one of the best forensic schools in all of Europe, just outside Bucharest and off they go.

Of course, not everyone on their trip makes it in one piece. Murder manages to hitch a ride out of London with our daring duo, riding first class on the Orient Express. No sooner has the story climbed into the Carpathian Mountains, than a random dude is found stabbed in the heart, stinking to heaven of garlic.

Yeah, it’s going to be that kind of vampire story. Once they get to school, more deaths follow, half killed as if they were vampires, themselves, and half drained of blood as if they were attacked by vampires.

It’s all a little bit much for the village surroundings he school. Folklore and old beliefs take over, convincing even the usually clear headed Audrey Rose that these rumors have have some credibility.

Of course, the actual cause of death rivals vampires in sinister origin but you’ll have to open the book and catch up to figure out why.

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