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Sunday Wrap-up

December 23, 2018

Well, this week was a roller coaster, reading wise. All kinds of ups and downs in terms of historical fiction, fantasy, and a little urban fairytale.

I finally finished Lord of Shadows and it was spectacularly heartbreaking. I initially wanted to dive right in to Queen of Air and Darkness but I needed to take a breath, first, to recover.

I tore through Stalking Jack the Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula which I obviously put off for far too long because they are excellent.

I watched Penny Dreadful at the same time and at points, I was pretty sure that one storyline bled into the other. You know, just your average gothic horror with strong female protagonists and what not.

(Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME)

I also read Amber and Dusk which was good but not anything terribly earth shattering. I’ll have my review for that one up tomorrow so keep an eye out.

We are in Florida for the holiday and we are having a grand time. I hope y’all have a great week (and I hope you get lots of books under your tree)!

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