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Bess and Frima ~ Alice Rosenthal

October 9, 2018

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Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: She Writes Press
ISBN: 9781631524394
304 pages
Source: TLC Book Tours

When I was originally asked to read and review this book for the tour, I had mixed feelings. I have been so into fantasy and YA, lately, that I wasn’t sure I would connect with Rosenthal’s depth for Bess and Frima.

I was so beyond wrong, though, and I honestly should have known from the outset. The book follows two women from 1940’s New York (the Bronx, specifically) as they wind their way through love, politics, friendships, and heartbreak during both personal and global upheaval.

Right. So, I am from a socially active, part Jewish, part socialist family and I absolutely adore World War II stories.

Y’all, I honestly could’t tell you what my reservations were. So many questions that run through the book are applicable to our present moment. News spin, parental approval of partners, race, religion, ethnicity, and a sense of belonging all work together to make this one of those books I will continue to recommend and pass forward for a long time.

As can be expected, here I go with my “Yes, I’m a social worker” speech. I know I say that a lot of books fit into a special place in my heart for that reason but y’all have to believe me, this time, when I say that this one does tuck squarely into my professional life.

Please go check it out if you have the chance!

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About Alice Rosenthal

Alice Rosenthal was born and raised in 1941 in the same Bronx neighborhood as her protagonists, though a generation later.

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  1. October 12, 2018 5:45 pm

    Thanks for being on the tour!

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