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Comics Will Break Your Heart ~ Faith Erin Hicks

August 19, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/ Romance
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 9781626723641
352 pages
Source: Barnes and Noble

Miriam Kendrick is tired. She’s tired of her goofball parents who are content living in small-town Nova Scotia. She’s tired of her lovely but boring friends who are content staying in small-town Nova Scotia. She’s tired of the tiny, little comic book store where she works because it is smack dab in the middle of small-town Nova Scotia.

She’s basically sick of small-town Nova Scotia altogether. Which she wouldn’t need to be if her family hadn’t given away her grandfather’s almost-legacy from the Tomorrowmen comics he created, years ago.

Miriam doesn’t know what she wants other than to get out of town but she’s getting out, one way or another.

And then some kid strolls into her little comic book shop, disrupting everything.

Weldon Warrick isn’t exactly a bad boy, per se. He’s not stealing cars or acting out because he’s actually a menace. It’s just that his dad has been a bit distracted, lately and he’s feeling neglected. He just wants his dad’s attention. His dad’s a little distracted, at the moment, though since said megawatt, powerhouse of a father is about to launch a blockbuster flick, based on the beloved comic written by, yeah, Mir’s Granddad.

He’s stolen one too many cars and has subsequently been sent from Los Angeles to (ready for it?) small-town Nova Scotia for the summer.

To say there is bad blood in this original meet-cute is an understatement.

As the summer rolls on, Mir and Weldon’s friendship begins to take on a bit of a warmer tone but it’s thwarted at every turn by their families who have been waring for generations. Neither quite knows what they want to do, other than finding out what they want to do with their future.

Wrapped in the summer fog of the Canadian coast and steeped in comic book culture, the story is slower than I’d imagined it might be (comic book-themed books always have this flash-bang pace to them which usually makes me dizzy). The story is slow and real, playing with comic themes and the power that old grudges can smash into normal life.

I’d heard such great things about the book and this certainly didn’t disappoint. I needed something sweet and cute and slow and this definitely quenched that thirst. It also had me googling real estate in small coastal Canadian towns, where I’m now determined to live, someday, regardless of how badly Mir wanted to leave.

Faith Erin Hicks has written comic, prior to this (so very fitting) but this was her first novel. I think she definitely nailed it.

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