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My Life with the Walter Boys ~ Ali Novak

August 17, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

ISBN: 9781402297861

358 pages

Source: Amazon

All prep and no mess, Jackie Howard does perfect like any good New Yorker. Her life is clean lines and filled Lily Pulitzer day planners. She likes straight A’s and straighter hemlines. And her perfect little family and her perfect little boarding school.

But what we like can’t always be what we live.

Her world is shattered the day her parents and sister die in a car accident and she is shipped off to live with family friends in Colorado. At first she isn’t sure she hears the details, right, but then it’s confirmed. The family she is living with has not one, nor two, but twelve boys.

Twelve loud, rowdy, messy…boys.

And they do NOT like clean lines or filled out desk planners.

This is a nightmare on top of the other obvious, more drastic nightmare.

Being displaced and grief stricken isn’t the best way to start a new school year (or a new life) but the boys slowly work their way into Jackie’s heart

And, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: Jackie is going to have to let go of perfect if she is ever going to survive.

There is so much in this otherwise fun little story. I seem to have found myself on a streak of stories about disastrous family situations with car crashes, death, and destruction at every corner.

It’s actually less depressing than it sounds to read them all back to back. It’s sort of neat to compare the ways authors tackle various outcomes of grief stricken life, all creative, all very different.

This one was kind of out there (TWELVE KIDS?!) but also very sweet, if somewhat predictable. And of course, my little therapist heart loved the attention to shrugging of the shell of perfectionism, even when Jackie seemed to “need” it the most to make sense of her shaken up world.

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