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The Dream Keeper’s Daughter ~ By Emily Colin

August 12, 2019

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Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9781101884317

480 pages

Source: Amazon

Isabel Griffin, has been dubbed affectionately by her loved ones and colleagues as “The Indiana Jones of Charleston”. And with good reason. As an archeologist, bushwhacking her way through Barbados and beyond, she’s pretty fearless.

But she does have that one dear most humans have: loss. But Isabel has a particularly solid reason for that fear.

When she was sixteen, her mother vanished into thin air. And then, again, eight years before present day, her boyfriend and father of her eight year old daughter, Finn, goes missing in a similar way.

No note.

No word.

No call.

Until one random day while Isabel is stationer in a dig in Barbados, a place that holds history for both her family and the family of Max, her lost love.

She gets a staticy phone call from Max and begins to doubt her sanity as those in her life sigh and pat her in that “poor girl and her grief” sort of way.

Wedged in between Isabel’s modern day mystery, there is a darker, more sinister plot line between chapters. Perhaps explaining the two disappearances and a long, bloody gusty only an archeologist would be able to uncover.

Filled with drama, suspense, and romance, this historical fiction was a welcome relief to my lighter, fluffier stuff from this summer. It touches on the horrendous slave trade in the Caribbean and how that deadly legacy has played out in present day politics.

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