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My Plain Jane ~ Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

August 8, 2019

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Genre: YoungAdult/HistoricalFiction/Fantasy



464 pages

Source: OwlCrate

So, I was never a big Victorian romance novel gal. I know, I know, the book world is giving me a collective side eye of shame, right now. But to each their own.

That said, I’ve read Austen and Bronte and the like, albeit forever ago, allowing me to halfway know the real story behind this ghostly retelling of Jane Eyre.

Just like My Lady Jane, there are a lot of fun and silly (and in this case, spooky) twists added to the newer version but they were a welcome addition to an otherwise rather gloomy story.

Charlotte Bronte herself is in the story and so is a secret society, tasked with the “relocation” of problematic spirits. What I will say about Bronte’s original book, dreary as it was, was that it did contain a great deal of social criticism for the day, remarking on class, sexuality, education, and expectations for young women.

All of those elements were present in My Plane Jane, adding to the general silliness of Meadows, Ashton, and Hand.

All in all, I’m actually really excited to see what these three come up with, next. What a fun way to revisit the classics!

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