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The Dragon Republic ~ R. F. Kuang

August 6, 2019

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Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Harper Voyager

ISBN: 9780062662637

672 pages

Source: Publisher via TLC Book Tours

“The war is over.

The war has just begun.”

Having made it through Sinegard and the ensuing events, Rin is headed for the horizon. And vengeance.

She is dead set on avenging the wrongs done to her and to those who fell in The Poppy War, but she’s carrying a lot on her back. As we all know, charging into battle with baggage only leads to more devastation.

She is plagued by the things she had to do, the people she had to step on and over to get to her goal in the previous battle. In a story that parallels so many of my real-life clients (past and present), Rin finds herself medicating with opiates, rage, and tilting at windmills as opposed to dealing with her trauma.

While the book is an intricate ode to strategy and history, I absolutely loved the psychological and mental health detail in the book.

I’m so obsessed with Kuang’s writing style and attention to detail. I honestly can’t believe that this is her first series. I’ve found myself desperately tracking down every interview and bit of info from the author because I can’t get enough.

Thank goodness I was asked to be on this tour because this series has definitely topped my list for the year.

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About R.F. Kuang

Rebecca F. Kuang immigrated to the United States from Guangzhou, China, in 2000. She has a BA in International History from Georgetown University, and she will pursue her graduate degree in Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Cambridge on a Marshall Scholarship in 2018. Her research focuses on Chinese military strategy, collective trauma, and war memorials.

Find out more about Rebecca at her website, and connect with her on Twitterand Instagram.

And as always, don’t just take my word for it. Check out the rest of the blog and instagram tours coming soon!

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