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Stepsister ~ Jennifer Donnelly

August 3, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/ Fantasy

Publisher: Scholastic Press

ISBN: 9781338268461

352 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

When Cinderella’s Prince Charming finds her, he first finds her “ugly” stepsisters. They’ve submitted to their mother’s demands to actually slice off pieces of their feet to better fit into the glass slipper the prince is brining door to door.

Even after gruesomely chopping herself to bits, physically and metaphorically, there is no way for Isabelle, Ella’s stepsister, to fool the prince. As Ella’s carriage leads her off to her happily ever after, Iz is left in muck with her bookish biological sister and her awful, awful mother.

To add drama to the entire fiasco, we are treated to a prologue and subsequent check ins from Fate and Chance, two mighty godlike forces who have made a wager on Isabelle’s life. Fate says she will always be mean, ugly, and unhappy. Chance says she gets to make her own choices.

As war rises and rages through France, there’s a smaller war going on inside a girl in a small village, the ultimate question of whether we are sealed by fate or opened by chance.

This book, y’all.

It is probably my favorite of the year, so far.

There is so much inner searching and wonder that I’m putting this on my shelf in my office. It aligns so much with recovery and therapy and it’s just absolutely beautiful. As someone in recovery, who many times was convinced that her fate was cast, this story stuck in my soul in the very best way.

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