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Storm and Fury ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout

July 26, 2019

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Genre: New Adult/Romance/Fantasy

Publisher: Inkyard Press

ISBN: 9781335218797

512 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

A heartbeat after the conclusion of Armentrout’s Dark Elements series, another storm is brewing.

On the other side of the Warden/Demon/Angel fight, Trinity Marrow is Layla’s developed negative. She is not (as Layla is), a Warden/Demon hybrid but something else entirely. Part human, part something no one really talks about, Trinity has been guarded by her clan her whole life, afraid to step outside of their protection.

Oh, yeah, she can also see ghosts and spirits. But her actual eyesight is fading which is problematic at only eighteen. Struggling to balance the gifts she never asked for and the curses she wishes would disappear, she really doesn’t have a lot of time or energy for new drama.

But if you know the name of the author on the cover of this book, you know drama is knocking. It isn’t long before members of another clan (ahem, hint: we know them) come banging on the door with reports that both demons and wardens are being killed by…someone. Or some thing.

Oh, yeah, and one of those visiting wardens is Mr. Hot Blonde, Layla‘s Zayne. Enjoy THAT, Trinity. If you’re up for it. (And Roth and Layla show up at some point and I just wanted to reach into the book and squeeze them tight.)

Armentrout has such a knack for writing groups. While she writes her romances hot and steamy, her friendships and communities are the things that always make my heart squeeze. This one met those expectations and I’m so SO glad this spinoff series has more to come.

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