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Cress ~ Marissa Meyer

July 12, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/SciFi/Fantasy

Publisher: Square Fish

ISBN: 9781250007223

592 pages

Source: Amazon

Ok, for those following along, this is when The Lunar Chronicles drama really starts to hit the fan.

If you know me at all, you know that in my little kid heart, I am obsessed with two things: modern fairytale retellings (hello Once Upon A Time) and Disney. And one of my very favorite in those two stories sits at the intersection of that glorious Venn diagram? Rapunzel.

The original story, the Once Upon A Time arc, and Disney’s Tangled all carry out a complex tie in to my other deep love: dark psychology of the family variety.

Filled with twisted psychological control and a desperate clawing for freedom and self determination, the myriad versions of Rapunzel all focus around some central themes that a story obsessed therapist can get behind with force.

The Lunar Chronicles edition of the story is similar to the Disney version in that Cress is a whip smart yet very sheltered (obviously) girl who gets wrapped up in the fast paced, on the run, antics of a widely know bad boy, using her oddball skills to save the day.

As Cress’s story develops, our fearless guys and gals from the other parts of the universe come together (and apart), in a frantic race against The Evil Queen’s clock set to detonate any minute.

I continue to love the way everything builds together, at points morphing together and yet pulling apart.

Man, this is a hard series to review because I don’t want to give too much away but oh there’s so much to say!

I guess this is just another drawn out post to say that if you haven’t read this series, you really, really should.

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