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The Kiss Quotient ~ Helen Hoang

July 8, 2019

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Genre: Adult/Romance

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 9780451490803

352 pages

Source: Amazon

So, this was my very first foray into adult romance. It took me a minute to stop clutching my pearls and settle in to enjoy this adorable story.

The story starts with Stella (a brilliant econometrician on the autism spectrum) being reprimanded by her parents for working too hard and not settling down. “Settling down” is not so subtle parent code for “finding a husband and making babies”. Sigh.

The thing is, she isn’t great with sex or romance, making that whole settling down thing a bit hard to accomplish. So, practical girl that she is, Stella decides she is going to get some practice sex time in. She hires an escort to teach her the one skill she hasn’t mastered and in walks Micheal.

Micheal, a charming, “good Vietnamese boy” has had to learn how to make ends meet with a pack of sisters, a dead beat dad, and a sick mom. He was headed to fashion designer fame when family drama curtailed his career, landing him in the arms of rich middle aged women, undressing them, rather than dressing them.

The two meet awkwardly, strike a deal benefitting both of them, and so begins a somewhat awkward, very sexy romp through self discovery and unwrapping layers of vulnerability.

As I said, i was a bit scandalized by the amount of descriptive sex (the cover is super cutesy and didn’t give a hint about the erotica inside) but I got used to it and actually really enjoyed it by the end.

I was also a little thrown off by the inclusion of the main character with ASD but I did some quick research and was pleasantly surprised to find that Hoang is on the spectrum so it turned out to be “own voice” instead of the nonsense that usually happens when neurotypical folks try to write about such things.

Over all, I really enjoyed this one and I’m pretty pumped to read Helen’s second book.

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