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Legendary ~ Stephanie Garber

July 5, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

Publisher: Flatiron Books

ISBN: 9781250095312

464 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

It’s so interesting to read through reviews in this series. Those who LOVED Caraval weren’t so keen on Legendary. And those who found Caraval lacking found Legendary to be a breath of fresh air.

Consider me in the second category.

If you read through my review of Caraval, you know I found Scarlett tiresome and kind of irritating. She’s happily missing from the second book and is replaced, instead, with her younger sister, Tella.

Y’all, I LOVE Tella. She is everything I’m scared to be. She’s fun and bubbly and adventurous. No fear, like ever. In contrast to the timid, kind of oblivious Scar, Tella jumps right in to the second game and takes the whole thing by the balls.

There is also an element of mythology worked into Legendary (aptly named). Godlike

The game progresses similarly to the first but there is so much more depth in this second volume. Garber’s own mythology winds its way through the story, making it so much more magical than the first,

I’m so glad I have this series a second chance because it’s been so good this time through.

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