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The Everlasting Rose ~ Dhonielle Clayton

June 10, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

Publisher: Freeform

ISBN: 9781484728482

352 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

It took me a minute to get back into this world because I read The Belles almost a year ago. But once I was back, I was in.

The Everlasting Rose picks up right where The Belles left off with our main cast of characters on the run (more like sprinting) from newly in charge Queen Sophie who is decidedly so much worse with more power. (Shocker.)

While the story picks right up, it’s a very different book. Where the first book was spent carefully building up a world, the second book takes pleasure in completely knocking it down.

Camille and her few close escapees scrape together whatever resources they have left, keeping an ear to the ground, listening for whispers of an alleged growing rebellion.

As they do, they encounter new alliances and a few surprising old ones.

This is a new book and a new dawn, giving our one-time beauty queens some much needed teeth to push back against a super corrupt system.

I love a good dystopian throw down and this one didn’t disappoint. There wasn’t as much focus on the original “anti-beauty industrial complex” agenda as there was in the first but it does creep in in different ways.

I loved the way this chapter of the story took a darker, more sinister turn and, as was true in the first, Dhonielle certainly knows how to tell a story.

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