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Where I End and You Begin ~ Preston Norton

June 2, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary/Science Fiction

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

ISBN: 9781484798355

416 pages

Source: Publisher via Netgalley

{I gratefully received an early edition of this book from Disney-Hyperion through Netgalley. All opinions are my own, honest thoughts}

I have a thing for modernizations of Shakespeare shows.

That’s never been a surprise to those around me. I loved Ten Things I Hate About You and Westside Story and Sons of Anarchy and basically everything else you throw at me.

I think it has something to do with my school’s triple production of Romeo and Juliet/Julius Caesar/Mid Summer in eighth grade but I probably would have gotten there, anyway.

Moving on, one of the shows I know the least is probably Twelfth Night. After I finish writing this review, I’m off to find a copy because the entirety of Where I End and You Begin was centered around the plot of that specific play.

I know enough about it to have picked up on it early on and Preston Norton did a bang up job relaying that plot device (he also explains the play because the kids in the book are performing the thing inside of the book).

Shakespeare has always had a thing for gender bending and relationship twists so the fact that the play was placed in modern day high school made sense.

There was no shortage of high paced emotional roughhousing (mimicking closely my beloved Midsummer) but it was cool to see the way gender and sexuality played out on a modern scale.

There was also a solid recovery (of the alcoholic variety) arc which is my driving passion, so y’all can probably already guess that, between that and queerness and Shakespeare, this book kicked off my summer in a serious way.

Definitely check it out when it hits shelves, this week!

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