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A Game of Thrones ~ George R R Martin

May 22, 2019

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Genre: Fiction/Fantasy

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780553573404

864 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

Well, it took me as long to finish the first book as it took me to binge watch the entirety of the HBO screen adaptation but I’m glad I read the book to start.

The story, whether on the page or screen, is so complex, I can’t imagine I would have had a single idea of what was going on he I not started with the book.

I know other people have the opposite problem. That they need a television outline first and use the book to fill everything in. My brain doesn’t work that way, so this was the best option.

I may read the rest of the books but, for the moment, my emotions need a break.

I really love the story. I adore the Stark kids and Dany (yes, I know) and just all of the little details worked in.

Martin comes off as kind of a weirdo in interviews but he’s a damn good writer. I also find that, while the book is definitely violent, it’s not as bad when I’m reading it, as opposed to watching it.

Anyway, I’m glad I dove in, especially before the finale since the internet can’t keep its collective cool together. I know there were a LOT of feelings about the ending but I just tried to enjoy the ride which makes me kind of an outcast. Oh, well. I think I’ll live.

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