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The Disasters ~ M. K. England

March 4, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction

Publisher: HarperTeen

ISBN: 9780062657671

368 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

I’m not usually one for rip-tearing battles, especially not shoot-um-up space ship stories. They just kind of leave me breathless without much respite in deeper plot.

That said, I went into The Disasters hearing that feedback and so was delighted to find that there was far more substance than was being reported. Don’t get me wrong; there’s definitely a lot of Hollywood ship-blasting going on. But it was far more Star Trek than Star Wars. That is, the non-fighting components of the book delved deeper into social issues, using the laser gun backdrop as an allegory, rather than silly nonsensical action.

On a personal side note, I just have to gush because my random little hippie church (Unitarian Universalism) was referenced, not by name but by hymn (Blue Boat Home!) and by principle (“the inherent dignity and worth of every individual”) and I was, like, beside myself with glee.

There is a lot of racial, ethnic, and religious diversity in the book, which I appreciated just as a normal human, living in a beautifully varied world. But my home base NEVER makes it to the big time! Ahem, anyway, that was stellar and I may or may not (definitely may) have immediately taken a picture and sent it to my family, friends, all of Facebook, and my Instagram story. Whoops!

The book, overall, was just a basic three star bout of fun, rather than something that I wanted to gush about as a whole. I loved the dialogue and quieter, slower moments when they did happen. I think because they were so lovely, the rest of the book, in all of its adventure and action, let me sad that there wasn’t more development along those lines.

It’s a super fun book but, again, I think it left me wanting more depth. I hope that England’s future stories get deeper into the plot but it should be said that I will absolutely give her another shot.

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