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The Upside of Unrequited ~ Becky Albertalli

March 1, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

ISBN: 9780062348715

368 pages

Source: Barnes and Noble

Ok, so, confession time.

I did NOT love this book until about two thirds of the way through.

I did, however, love the last third.

I think maybe it’s just because it’s the last Becky book I had left to read and I was spending most of my time comparing. I’m really not sure.

Molly (the protagonist) came off really whiney and it was gearing for much of the book.

But on to the good stuff.

Molly does eventually find herself and she finds her family along the way.

I think being a teenager is just hard. Heck, being a human is hard. And Molly hasn’t exactly had the easiest time. Her moms are in love. Her sister is in love. Her best friend and cousin are in love. Molly is just perpetually crushing on someone (rotating different someone’s) unattainable.

She is fat and shy and geeky which, in the world of high school, are not really hot commodities. But, as usual in fiction, those things land her exactly where she needs to be.

I loved the realness of the story and the usual Becky snark. And I’m really glad I kept reading because the ending was totally worth it.

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