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Amber and Dusk ~ Lyra Selene

December 25, 2018

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Genre: Young Adult/ Fantasy
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN: 9781338210033
368 pages
Source: Owl Crate

After a while, the framework for dystopian adventures kind of takes on the same repetitive form. Amber and Dusk could have been more of the same old tune but as is the case with many iterations of similar stories, each one brings its own element of exploration with it.

At its core, the book takes on the tough task of belonging.

There is not a single person on this earth who can deny an element of that arc. As Brene Brown is fond of saying, those who believe that they are worthy of belonging, feel like they belong. Amber and Dusk holds true to that idea, weaving in themes from The Belles, The Hunger Games, and every Lost Princess retelling there is to tell.

The other heavy hitter, for me, centered around that central theme of belonging but with a nuance that rarely gets touched. It’s the concept of feeling both entirely too much and certainly not enough, often at the very same time.

Our main protagonist, Sylvie, spends her entire life, holding back secrets and forces that threaten her security among her peers. She dreams of a world in which she is with those she shares a common element and goes after her dream with serious force. The problem that always occurs with that kind of dream, lies in the reality of the dream achieved falling short of the dream envisioned. When she reaches her destination, sure that she will find all of the things she has missed her whole life, she finds that her “too much” has turned into “not enough”, when seen through different sets of eyes.

Filled with love, allegory, and no shortage of magic, this little book manages to wrap so many things up into one compact package. I almost saved it for the new year but I’m really glad I fit it in under the wire.

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