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The Best Present of All: Self Care In the Darkest Season

December 17, 2018

Hello, darlings!

I haven’t written a non-review blog post in such a long time but I thought a few reminder would be worth sharing, this month.

It is no secret that I am in recovery. It’s something I take both comfort and joy in and love sharing my journey with those around me.

But just because Recovery is the easier, softer way, doesn’t mean it never presents hurdles.

The winter and holiday season are filled with wonderful moments of family, friends and celebration but they can also be dark, cold, and filled with stress, expectation, and any number of relapse temptations.

Whether you’re in substance recovery, eating disorder recovery, dealing with trauma, or other mental health considerations, or just plain stressed by the weight of the season, remember the following:

1. You can decline invitations, drinks, and other social obligations.

2. It’s ok to slip away from get-togethers for meetings, head-clearing walks, or to call your support folks.

3. It’s also ok to go have fun for a little bit. Go grab coffee with friends. Watch a movie with your people. Go to the holiday party, knowing you can always leave, at any time.

4. Neither your body, nor the food you put in it require an apology. You have my permission to walk away from anyone who makes you feel as if that is not true.

5. Perhaps the most importantly, remember to give yourself the love and kindness that you are giving to others, this season. I promise, you deserve it.

Along with those, remember the basics like making sure you’re hydrated and getting enough sleep. I know it seems impossible to keep up with even the little things, this time of year, but your body will truly thank you, later.

Take care, my darlings, and I will do the same. 💕😌💕

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