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Lady Midnight ~ Cassandra Clare

April 21, 2018

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Genre: Young Adult/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books,
ISBN: 9781442468351
720 pages.
Source: Barnes and Noble

I was a bit nervous about The Shadowhunter story jumping coasts.

I had only briefly met the crew at The Los Angeles Institute and they seemed sort of two dimensional compared to the New York and London collection I have grown to love.

I probably don’t need to tell you, by now, that Cassandra Clare never disappoints.

Entering into the first book of The Dark Artifices was almost like when you see cousins at a family reunion. You kind of know what their lives have been like and you know some stories. They seem like strangers but feel like home.

By about the second chapter, I found myself thinking, “Clary who?” And the rest was history.

The Los Angeles Shadowhunters are so different in so many ways than the Manhattan clan. They’ve lost far more, experienced more heartache at an early age, had more responsibility thrust on their little shoulders. They were also all raised Shadowhunters, different than Clary and Simon.  The fierce bond of family is so strong in this segment of the chronicles that you can pretty much reach out and touch it through the pages.

Like most of the series, there’s some Big Bad to be dealt with and in this edition, it falls in the arena of tracking down the true killer of Emma’s parents. At the end of The Mortal Instruments, we all pretty much assume that Sebastian was the one who did away with Emma’s mom and dad.  She’s convinced otherwise.

In the spirit of old-school Noir and classic Hollywood, Emma digs in with the rest of her institute to the murders seemingly (to her) connected with murders that continue popping up, even five years after her parents go missing.

And that’s exactly all I can tell you but holy cow it is a wild ride.

I have yet to be let down by Clare and this certainly wasn’t the book to do it. I’m kind of in denial that this is my last book in the series. I know there will be a third, this fall, and Clare is coming out with a new chapter that falls between The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments. Still, I so hate waiting. Excuse me while I go sob into the pages of Lord of Shadows.

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