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The Invention of Ana ~ Mikkel Rosengaard 

March 17, 2018

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Publisher: Custom House

ISBN: 9780062679079

304 pages

Source: Instagram giveaway 💕

This is such a heavy little book and it turned out to be really different than I was expecting.

I had this sort of whimsical idea that it would be a little artists’ romp through Brooklyn.

I mean, in a way, it was, but truly in the artist’s sense.

We learn about Ana (a Romanian transplant living in Bushwick) through the somewhat naïve eyes of a Danish intern, helping his brother in the art industry in Manhattan.

Instead of focusing on the art (though there are some particularly grand performance art pieces that I’ll let you stumble into on your own), Rosengaard’s prose takes us rollicking through the art supplies of humanity, instead. That is, we all associate art with darkness, hardship, and brilliance dancing on the edge of madness but we don’t often get to see the art behind the art.

The Invention of Ana is just that. Through a troubled past and a somewhat untethered present, we begin to understand the art that is Ana Ivan, if only in ephemeral, glittering glances.

There is a lot of dark subject matter in this book so it’s definitely for more adventurous readers. That said, the adventure is worth the effort because this is truly a marvelous book.

Super random shout-out to my best pal in my grad-school cohort who is from Romania. I know that won’t be everyone’s experience but for some reason, I fell into sweet familiarity with the book from the first page out of pure association.


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