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Dorothy Must Die ~ Danielle Paige

April 27, 2015

Genre: Young Adult Adventure
Publisher: Harper Collins
480 pages
ISBN: 978002280688
Source: Barnes and Nobel

Everyone loves to hate a mean girl. We all know that. But what happens when America’s sweetheart, Oz’s sweetheart, is suddenly the most hated person on campus?

In Dorothy Must Die, Amy Gumm intends to find out

After the modern day, Midwestern misfit finds herself uprooted from a trailer park in Kansas, she ends up where all kids from Kansas end up. When her tin can of a mobile home crashlands in the fabled fantasy land, it is hardly the Technicolor dreamscape the books paint. Within minutes of tumbling out of a cliché tornado, Amy picks up on the dreadful reality that the once picture perfect land has been turned into something far more dark and sinister. If the locals are to be believed (and who’s to say they are?) the change of scenery is not due to wicked witches but rather to that sweet, double plaited, checkered skirted darling who allegedly saved everyone in the first place.

Gumm’s own trek down the famed brick road is stopped short when she is caught up in another whirlwind, this time, an impending battle between good and wicked, though which side is which remains to be seen. There is a new order, specifically The Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, and they want Amy on their side. Not a terrible option as they seem to have their act together. In a strange, frightening world, it’s tempting to take up with those who offer protection. Of course protection comes with a price. Amy simply has to take out the evil princess and her spot is safe with the coven.Dorothy must die.

It’s a little bit Hunger Games, a little bit Once Upon a Time, and a whole lot of fun. There’s even a little bit of addiction worked into the storyline which is near and dear to my own heart as well as tied into the history of the Oz franchise  Danielle Paige is new to me but she has apparently won some serious Emmy credit which is apparent in her plot and writing. My only warning is that you will need to have the second book in the series on hand the minute you finish the first.

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