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Hide and Seek – Sara Shepard

August 8, 2012

Genre: YA Fiction/Thriller
Publisher: Harper Teen
304 pages
ISBN: 9780061869761
Source: Bookstore

I can’t remember why I picked this series up but I did and I can’t stop reading it…the day each new book hit shelves. Woops!

Because this book is fourth out of at least five (there is at least one more in the works, hitting shelves in mid February, I believe) I don’t want to give a summary rundown in case I hint at things, inadvertently, without thinking of those who have yet to pick up book one.

This latest installment of a very twisted, one-sided Princess and the Pauper tale, has kept me in suspense for over a year, now, remaining much more shocking and fun than its television counterpart.

Sure, the formula for each book is a little, well, just that: formulaic, but just because a chocolate chip cookie taste like the chocolate chip cookie next to it from the same batch, doesn’t mean that it taste any worse!

While the writing isn’t Pulitzer worthy, for a YA, popular chic, crime novel this one holds my picky taste in word selection. If you haven’t read these, yet, I do recommend them for something fun, funny and fast. Don;t expect anything huge or deep but do expect to have a rocking good time on the edge of your very frivolous seat.

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