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Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls – Tellulah Darling

July 16, 2012

Genre: YA Fiction
Publisher: Te Da Media
244 pages
ISBN: 0988054000
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

It’s the classic tale of Easy Boy Tries to Understand Girls Through Transforming his Female Best Friend into a Chick Player to Better Understand Girls. I can’t actually say that the dynamic has been that overdone but it just seemed so comfortable that it gave the impression that it was an oldie albeit goody.

Basically, Sam Cruz and Ally Klinger have known each other since diapers and epitomize the gender stereotypes as far as highschool relationships (or lack thereof in Sam’s case) go. I mean, come on, look at the very Shakespearean assignment of last names: Cruz drifts and Klinger, well, clings. Each one is happy in his and her own system of love or lovin’.

That is, until Ally faces a brutal break up and begs for Sam’s help. She wants him to use his gal catching (and, more importantly, releasing) skills to help her become a heartbreaker instead of being heartbroken. Sam is doubtful at first, assuming that no girl will ever be as casual about “relationships” as he is. After much begging and pleading, though, he relents.

He sets to work transforming her from super smart to super sexy which Ally loves. Sam, however, begins to realize that Ally was always perfect as her sort of cute, sort of dork, super smart and super sexy self.  Hijinx ensue. Soon there a tangled web of passive aggressive and more often oblivious back and forth that has feelings stabbed and emotions shattered, Gotye style.

Admittedly, it’s not a terribly unforeseeable plotline or conclusion but that’s ok. Just because you can see the track in front of you on a rollercoaster drop, doesn’t it’s any less fun! It’s a fun read and it definitely plays nonsense games with all sorts of sexual and relationship related stereotypes.

Stay tuned, later this month, for an upcoming book trailer. I’m pretty pumped and you should be, too!

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