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Sunday Salon: It’s Tudor Time!

May 6, 2012

The Sunday

After spending much of my fall exploring The Cousins’ War through the eyes of Philippa Gregory, I was super delighted to find out that the Hilary Mantel (author of the  2009 Man Booker Prize winning Wolf Hall) was coming out with a sequel of sorts. I read Wolf Hall way back when it first came out. It was, I think, the second to last book I read prior to starting my blog. For that reason, I never got a chance to review it.

Tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get my review up as a lead in to Bringing Up the Bodies. I felt as though I should reread it prior to the second review as it’s been so long. They’re both fantastic books and I highly recommend both. Mantel is an excellent historian and a great story-teller. Even if you’re suffering from Tudor overload, do check these out as it’s a refreshing voice and really fantastic writing.

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