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Sunday Salon: The World Continues to Turn. I Promise!

April 29, 2012

The Sunday

Things have calmed down to a simmer around here. The cold from the great underworld has passed (cross your fingers) and we have been diagnosed with our third ear infection (the medicine on the last one didn’t take, apparently) but have once again buoyed back into health. Our pediatrician swears that this should be the end of the cold/allergy round robin that is spring in Atlanta. Hooray!

On to other, better things,  my lovely husband and I have been scouting out the myriad elementary (and beyond) school options The A has to offer. After months and months of trying to maneuver into the right (and incredibly expensive) district of the city just for elementary school (the middle and high schools coming from the five we’re debating, are still not worth all of that effort and certainly not worth the cash) we finally bit the bullet and toured the private school we sort of knew we’d end up at, all along.

It means a smaller house and fewer vacations and my definite return to work at the end of Gavin’s first year (sometime this mid-fall) but it’s just such an incredible school with such a fantastic, nurturing, creative, exploration fostering, academically challenging atmosphere that there’s just no question. There. I said it. No question. Phew! Of all of the things we will do for our two boys, this is probably the one definite thing we feel is “the most” we can do. It’s definitely more of a whole-child education and not simply something we’re doing for social standing or college prep.

Any who, I felt I should get that off of my chest and since it technically has something to do with read (there are a lot of books in that school!) I thought it fit, here.

These two things, health and education, are two things I am incredibly grateful for and they definitely make this a very happy Sunday.

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  1. sandynawrot permalink
    May 1, 2012 7:52 am

    Congratulations! I know, it is a huge decision. We are in a very bad area for schools…don’t know what we were thinking when we moved to this house, but we are here now. We have had our kids in the same private school since they were 3, and have sacrificed to make that happen. I truly believe it is an investment in their well-being and their future. I know they are getting a better education, and that will pay off in the end. Now you can sleep at night!

  2. May 1, 2012 12:05 pm

    I wish we had gone the private school route, but I am glad that you are deciding to do this. It means a better envionment and a better education for your kids. Kudos to you for making this decision, and for finding a school that fits your needs!

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