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Beautiful Chaos – Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

April 6, 2012

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/ Paranormal Teen Romance
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
528 pages
ISBN: 9780316123525
Source: Bookstore

Earlier this week, I posted a whiney sloppy mess of a post about how I can’t quite seem to get the hang of reviewing books in series. I know, I should probably just go join a chatboard if I need to discuss the books I can’t spoil but I like to do things the hard way.

Oddly, after that post, I don’t think I’ll need any fancy tricks while talking about the third book in the Beautiful Creatures series.

After the events of the second book, Gatlin, and probably the rest of the world, has been thrown so far out of whack, the evangelicals in town think they’re finally getting to see their apocalypse. ONly our merry band of misfits, casters, incubi, waywards and seers, know that it has more to do with something more sinister. As townspeople struggle to prepare for what they are sure must be the end of  days and the magical side of the populations desperately tries to piece things back together, Ethan is coming undone faster than a swarm of locusts can devour a houseplant.

Things are off and not just in the “usual” off way of supernatural Gatlin. Ethan’s hearing voices, seeing shadows, dreaming horrific things and generally experiencing other lovely phenomenon that have him running from just about everyone in town. As the end draws near for supernatural and mortal alike, Ethan has to find a way to make everything right or everyone will end going down in a pile of flaming rubble.

Gosh, I really do love this series, I mean, it’s so much fun even if it’s sort of spooky. I think the characters, both teens and adults, are so well done with so much depth, that they’re almost instantly relatable. I haven’t read a series for a long time that has a teen male protagonist and I think it’s just so refreshing. Ethan is a wonderful guy to snuggle up with for the ride of the series and I have to say, for two women writers, they seem to seriously nail his voice. There are some bits that are a little bit predictable but for the most part, the story, the people and the general atmosphere keep me on my toes and keep me wanting more.

I’m pretty bummed that the fourth and final book comes out this fall. I’m just not ready for it to end, yet! I suppose I can live in ignorant bliss until that last chapter arrives in October, though, don’t find me after that as I shall be in mourning. Do read this if you haven’t gotten to it, yet. It’s super fun and highly addictive.

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