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TSS: Lights…Camera…Imagination!

September 4, 2011

The Sunday
So, about a year ago, I came back to my blog from almost six months off. Our school was coming back from the brink of the economy slump among other natural disasters and with the cooler weather, I simply fell back into a need for reading a blogging.

I will also note that one year ago from this coming Halloween, I was sitting exactly where I am sitting, right now, reviewing and reporting on a lovely week spent with my mom and step papa in the sunshine state. There is something just so inspiring about being in a place that is known for imagination.

Now, I know that The Mouse has detractors, out there. Goodness knows, I’ve been one to shun Disney at moments but I have to say that being at the parks and understanding the creativity that was and is the lifeblood of the Disney dream is seriously cool. I am the writer and my husband is the movie guy but the distinction between the two is not really made in The Kingdom.

My favorite place to see such things in action, especially as a serious proponent of child directed learning, is EPCOT. It was my favorite as a kid, was my favorite last year and will, I am sure, be the pinnacle of our trip, this time. I think I just like the marriage of science, art, creativity, design and all of those fabulous quotes at the entrance, denouncing formal education in favor of stuff that, you know, has actually changed the world.

We’re headed to Hollywood Studios, today, to check out a little bit of the science and art behind the movies. This is my husband’s “thing” . But, even though he stayed behind to perform at Dragon Con (more on this later!) I feel like he’s with us in spirit. I’d also like to think that over the ten years during which we’ve known and loved each other, I’ve slowly built an appreciation for such things. Also, the photo above is the present we are bringing home for him which is part of the Vinylnation collection, yes, a Steampunk Mickey.

Ah, so, here I am, awaiting the known and unknown and very pumped about all of it. Overall, I just have to say that Imagination and Creativity make the world go ’round. Viva la Fun!

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  1. September 4, 2011 12:31 pm

    I hope you all have a wonderful time! I thought Hollywood Studios was a great adventure. Lots of things to see there. Make sure you take the backstage tour!

  2. September 5, 2011 9:27 pm

    We’re not a Disney family here … but we are DEFINITELY in the minority!

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