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Imperial Bedrooms ~ Bret Easton Ellis

May 11, 2011

enre: Adult Fiction/Literary
Publisher: Knopf
192 pages
ISBN: 9780307266101
Source: Book store

Clay’s L.A. has changed since the 80’s. Or maybe it’s him that’s changed. On second thought, it really hasn’t changed at all. Backstabbing, drug running and terribly bad relationships, abound in Bret Easton Ellis’ most recent novel. As a follow-up to his very first published book, Less than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms, follows the once knowing teens in to less certain and very jaded middle age.

Clay stumbles off of a plane coming out of Manhattan and trips, headlong into the over saturated, underfed, wild life of the city of Angels. On top of the regularly scheduled hyper-culture that abounds in L.A., Clay’s entire escapade through the concrete jungle is fueled by drugs, sex and a deep, unsettling paranoia. As he struggles to regain a foothold on the industry he’s left, his grip on reality quickly dissolves, leaving him high and dry with his own thoughts and fears.

Ellis hits a darker turn than his original look at this group of friends and enemies. With time and age, wounds haven’t healed but rather, ripped open, stayed open and been filled with salt. The mishaps that played out long ago when the scene was fresh and new have come back to haunt each member of the group in myriad ways that promise to thrill if not kill.

Though this was a hard book to stomach in parts due to violence, the read is worth it. There is more purpose behind the self-destruction than simply tossing daddy’s money and mommy’s time down the drain. The added influence of the adult world of Tinseltown, as with the perks and cons that ride along with it, provided a fascinating, if sometimes macabre picture.

I feel a little bit weird about reading his first and last without reading any of the books (unrelated to the plot line of these two) in between because, though, now, I know that I can read the rest, knowing the full beginning and end to Bret Easton Ellis’ wild ride.

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  1. May 11, 2011 1:17 pm

    I have been wondering what your end thoughts on this book would be ever since I saw you were reading it. It sounds like Ellis is still in top form with this book, and that it’s a wild ride like the others. Very evocative and interesting review. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • May 12, 2011 7:55 am

      It’s a fun and, yes, interesting read. I wouldn’t have thought that it would be my cup of tea but his writing is spot on and his portrayal of Hollywood is so key. I’m reading Rules of Attraction (I know, I know and then I’m taking a BEE break), right now, and it’s very different. Still good but very different.

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