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TSS: A Weak Week.

April 10, 2011

The Sunday
Ah, spring is in the air! As I’ve mentioned to excess, already, this a hectic time of year for us. I didn’t really understand that until spring hit, again, this year, dropping my reading and subsequently, my blogging. I managed to review absolutely nothing this week, aside from one that Kai picked out. However, I have a review for How to Knit a Heart Back Home set to go up, tomorrow and a new Maisie on the way so it should start turning around as we head into summer.

I suppose that the other reason my reading has been sidelined, lately, is that I’ve been a bit green in anticipation of being either blue or pink. Yup! Our family is going to be welcoming  a new member in November. Hooray! Hopefully the sickies will subside, soon, and I’ll spending more time reading than retching.

Until then, I’m happy to report than Kai has been reading his new books to the baby. I have no idea whether or not all of the books my family and friends have found for him on the subject of second siblings will be helpful, in the long run, but, for now, it’s fine fun.

In less exciting news, Kai and went book buying, yesterday and then two books arrived from Harper Collins as we pulled in the driveway. Talk about needing to catch up! Here’s the pile as it grows.



All of mine look oddly alike when lined up, like that. Hmmm…

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