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I Need My Monster ~ By Amanda Noll; Howard McWilliam (Illustrator)

April 9, 2011

Genre: Young Readers Fiction
Publisher: Flashlight Press
32 pages
ISBN: 9780979974625
Source: Book store
In follow up to my recent foray into the world of preschoolers and monsters, I was pleased to come across this during a book picking spree. Kai was the one to pick it out, this time, but I was estatic as I’d run across it once before.

The premise is a cute, albeit, potentially adventurous one, depending on your constitution surrounding under the bed monsters.

Our storytelling protagonist slips into bed, one night, only to find that his monster has, regretfully gone on vacation.

More traditional stories might assume the role of relief, at this point, for, after all, aren’t monsters things to wish away?

Our little boy is not so lucky, however, as he attempts to wind down his evening with a string of characters completely unsuitable for his nightly routine.

The monsters’ voices are perfect for their imperfections and our fearless hero carries just the right mix of little kid spunk while still having a few reservations about potentially nibbled toes. Like the textual voices, the illustrations match superbly.

Overall, it’s a fun book that I liked before the monster melt down and I’m glad that it has made its way into our house. As, of course, is my little monster…

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