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You’re Breathing My Air…

February 9, 2011











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A while ago, I think as a Booking Through Thursday prompt, I remember the question of book lending rattling around The Community. Most people answered that they were hesitant to lend books because of the length of the keeper’s time with the lent book or the inevitable battering of borrowed books.
I mentioned that I am a book pusher, not a book lender.

I need to stop this madness.

I got very excited a while ago because my director, at school, asked to borrow The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She’s a big Dan Brown fan (which the whole world knows I’m not) so I wasn’t quite sure if Stieg would be her style but I lent and I was rewarded. She loved all three!

Then I forgot myself and got overzealous. I bought her my two favorite books of the moment, Tana’s first two, and they’re turning out to be failures.

I think that, unfortunately, while I read people very well and I read books pretty darn spectacularly, I can’t read people for books. I have a literal ton of books and I love lending books but I think I need to wait until someone asks me for a title, rather than preemptively spreading my wealth around.

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  1. February 10, 2011 3:41 pm

    I also need to get a little less overzealous about giving people books and recommendations that I think they would like. It’s so personally upsetting to put your recommendations out there and then have them rejected or have the other person end up disappointed with your choice. I am going to be working on this as well.

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