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I Think This Applies to the Blog

November 14, 2010

The Sunday

Earlier this week, I came across this:


Essentially, it’s a well intentioned and applicable rant about the failings of our schools and society, emphasizing the evils of technological communication tools.

While I do worry about the apparent lack of attention to grammatical detail I encounter on a  daily basis, the gaps I find are often in “well educated” speakers and writers of all ages. I think that we often place too much emphasis on “the downfall of youth” and not enough on educating the adults in charge of educating the youths in our care

Of course, as my husband pointed out, “There’s also too much reliance on pop culture and mass media. You know, the ‘coolness’ of speaking like Paris Hilton”. Fair enough.

This has been an interesting post to check back in with, over the course of the week and I’m sure that more discussion will come from it.

What do you think? How does this assessment of young readers and future writers make you feel as a reader, writer or general citizen of our global community?

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