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Baby Loves…Disco?

November 8, 2009

The Sunday

So I’m reading this book, right now, that parodies several parenting “fads”. During a book break, I read an article in Parenting about slowing down. It got me thinking. There is significant backlash against hyper-parenting (75 activities in a week, praise at every corner, tv, cell phones, etc.) but of course, 2009 doesn’t do anything in moderation (hence the original problem of hyper-) so there is now a “relaxation” movement in the parenting world but it seems to be just as strict as its reverse technique. I’m not one for rules, so I thought I’d embrace this idea of no praise, no reward, t.v. off (it generally is, anyway), no over parenting, the lot, but it just seems to be yet another “solution” for parenting. I guess I’m again in neither camp as I’ve never thought parenting needed a solution in the first place.

Enough negativity, mom. My main point in bringing up child rearing on the blog was that I needed some literary connection to brag about Baby Loves Disco.


Yesterday, Mom, Dad, and Kai went to The Loft (concert venue in Atlanta) for a great dance party. Kai had a fantastic time and no no it’s not just disco. There was plenty of Heart, Bob Marley and Chili Peppers.The thing I liked about it the best was that it was free. Not monetarily but in action. There was a DJ from the local alternative radio station but she basically led the progression of music more than the actual activity. There was a “chill-out” room with hula-hoops and tunnels to crawl through (a two-year old’s version of “chill-out” is different than an adult’s concept).

I’ve been to so many preschools, mom-and-baby activities, story times, where there is too much going on. Too much structure and no room for movement or creativity. I really enjoyed the freedom of the event.

In the spirit of doing away with quantifiers, I won’t do a reading recap this week but I will leave you with this:


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  1. November 13, 2009 10:51 am

    omg i love this picture. LOVE it.

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