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Rumors ~ Anna Godberson

October 12, 2009

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Harper Collins

422 pages


I haven’t reviewed many books contained in series on the blog and find it incredibly hard. It’s almost like reviewing the middle of a book, right where the juicy part is but still trying to maintain a veil of secrecy.

Nowhere is this more difficult to accomplish than in the second installment of Anna Godberson’s four part Luxe set, Rumors. Staged in turn of the century Manhattan and essentially the wilderness of California, the second book finds our party of revelers and mourners garter deep in more trouble than they can manage.

There is nothing like good scandal to keep readers guessing which is why it is incredibly difficult to lay it on the line for review dissection.

The stage set by The Luxe was a gaudy one but also one that hinted toward a lust for the other side of the tracks. When we meet them again, both Holland girls find themselves in over their heads in love and in life. Their  passions can’t be contained within the walls of the society in which they were born and raised and this, inevitably, leads to trouble.

The usual suspects return, starring debutante extraordinaire, Penny, reluctant millionaire heir, Henry; social climbing but clueless ex-maid, Lina, handsome and wholesome oil-hopeful Will and of course, that lovable entity, the gossip column.

I enjoyed the sequel as a welcome diversion from real life drama. I won’t get into the specifics of the small things that irked me because it involves listing unforgivable spoilers. Let’s just say several people show up dead, alive and, more dramatically, married. But, well, that’s just Manhattan in 1899.

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